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Daniel Woodrell
October 2000
New foreword by Megan Abbott
Paperback; 978-1-935415-06-0; $15

A dark noir novel set in West Table, Missouri, featuring nineteen-year-old Jamalee, her gorgeous gay brother, Jason, and Sammy Barlach, the young man passing through West Table, who just may be their ticket out.

"Three pages into Tomato Red I got that inexplicable head rush that comes from wondering how I'd never heard of the book or of Daniel Woodrell, and regretting the years I was ignorant of both. Woodrell writes with a poetic, lyrical, breezy style that reminds me of authentic country artists like George Jones or Hank Williams but he somehow does it on the page. He packs an entire world into a short book and leaves you yearning for more. Thank you, Busted Flush Press, for introducing me to Woodrell. Now others won't make the mistake I made."
   —C. J. Box, Edgar-winning author of Nowhere to Run

"Reading Tomato Red—the first Daniel Woodrell novel I came upon—was a transformative experience. It expanded my sense of the possibilities not only of crime fiction, but of fiction itself—of language, of storytelling. Time and again, his work just dazzles and humbles me. God bless Busted Flush for these glorious reissues. It's a service to readers everywhere, and a great gift."
   —Megan Abbott, award-winning author of Bury Me Deep

"Whenever I'm in need of inspiration, resuscitation—a big, heaping blast of air—I read the opening page of Tomato Red. By the end, I'm always grinning: that disbelieving, appreciative, joyful grin you get when you come upon the extraordinary. That writing! It's hard to not move when you read Woodrell; his Ozark rhythms will get you toe-tapping, swaying in your seat. It's impossible, in fact, to read Woodrell discreetly: you'll find sentences, dialogue so funny or brutal or just plain brilliant, you need to share them with someone else. His characters are underdogs, heartbreakers, steal-your-wallet-and-kick-you-on the-way-out scoundrels, but you still want more time with them. With Woodrell, you always want more."
   —Gillian Flynn, Edgar Award-nominated author of Sharp Objects and Dark Places

"There are a handful of writers who are known, read and revered by other writers for the brilliant beauty of their words. Some have become better known—James Lee Burke is an obvious example—but some haven't yet achieved the wide readership that they deserve. Daniel Woodrell is chief amongst them. He's created his own niche in the mystery world—'Ozark Noir'—and he'll dazzle you with each page. Chandler once wrote his ideal of a private eye and I think it applies to writers as well, certainly to Woodrell: 'He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world.' Woodrell is the best at what he does and he can equal the best writing in any other world."
   —JB Dickey, Seattle Mystery Bookshop (Seattle, WA)


Killer Instinct ZOË SHARP


Zoë Sharp
May 2010
Introduction by Lee Child.
Price $15, trade paperback original.
ISBN: 978-1-935415-13-8

Introducing a tough new heroine in thriller fiction—Zoë Sharp's Charlie Fox! Charlie makes a living of sorts teaching self-defense to women. It's a skill she picked up out of necessity, having been kicked out of the British Army for reasons she prefers not to go into. So when Susie Hollins is found dead after she mistakenly tussles with Charlie, Fox knows it's only a matter of time before the police come calling. And when the real killer starts taking a very personal interest in Charlie, she finds herself in the middle of the investigation, where she has no choice but to stand and fight.

Fans of Lee Child, Greg Rucka, Gayle Lynds, and Stella Rimington should not miss this thriller series! Never before published in the United States, this is the highly-sought first novel in the Charlie Fox series. An original novel with an introduction by Lee Child.

"One of the best crime debuts in years."
   —Yorkshire Post

"An exciting . . . entertaining first novel."
   —The Sunday Telegraph

"Charlie Fox came on strong in Zoë Sharp's early novels but, like a lot of tough girls, softened up with time. Now, thanks to an enterprising small press, we can catch Charlie in the rough. Originally published in 2001, Killer Instinct finds this army-trained martial-arts expert on her first job, working security for a club in an English seaside town. Charlie looks like a made-for-TV model, with her red hair and motorcycle leathers, but Sharp means business. The bloody bar fights are bloody brilliant, and Charlie's skills are both formidable and for real."
   —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review, July 4, 2010


A fifth of bruen KEN BRUEN


Ken Bruen
May 2006
Introduction by Allan Guthrie.
Price $18, trade paperback.
ISBN: 0-9767157-2-4

Ken Bruen is one of the most important novelists of the new millenium, and this is a collection of his early works, showcasing the immense talent of the Edgar Award nominee & Shamus Award winner. Includes:

Funeral: Tales of Irish Morbidities
Shades of Grace
Sherry: And Other Stories
Time of Serena-May / Upon the Third Cross
All the Old Songs and Nothing to Lose

A Fifth of Bruen zippo Read a review here.

SPECIAL! ZIPPO LIGHTER with the cover of the book! $36, plus shipping.
"[A] beautiful book... [T]his is a must have for all [Bruen's] fans."
   —Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

"If you love complex, thought-provoking work, then you'll find something in this collection to intrigue you. If you love Bruen, there's no doubt, you'll already have cracked the spine."
   —Russel McLean, Crime Scene Scotland

"[Funeral] is the novel Samuel Beckett might have written, if he'd been a Galway Arms regular... A Fifth Of Bruen is a must for all true Bruen fans."
   —Kernan Andrews, The Galway Advertiser (read the full review)




An original novel by award-winning crime writers Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman

Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman
September 2009
$15, trade paperback original 978-1935415-07-7
Born into a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, outsiders in their own families, Nick and Todd forge a lifelong bond that persists in the face of crushing loss, blood, and betrayal. Low-level wiseguys with little ambition and even less of a future, the friends become major players in the potential destruction of an international crime syndicate that stretches from the cargo area at Kennedy Airport to the streets of New York, Belfast, and Boston to the alleyways of Mexican border towns. Their paths are littered with the bodies of undercover cops, snitches, lovers, and stone-cold killers.

In the tradition of The Long Goodbye, Mystic River, and The Departed, Tower is a powerful meditation on friendship, fate, and fatality. A twice-told tale done in the unique format of parallel narratives that intersect at deadly crossroads, Tower is like a beautifully crafted knife to the heart.

Imagine a Brooklyn rabbi/poet—Reed Farrel Coleman—collaborating with a mad Celt from the West of Ireland—Ken Bruen—to produce a novel unlike anything you've ever encountered. A ferocious blast of gut-wrenching passion that blends the fierce granite of Galway and the streetwise rap of Brooklyn. Fasten your seat belts, this is an experience that is as incendiary as it is heart shriven.

"It's a story as old as hard-boiled fiction, but Bruen, the prolific and gifted Irishman, and Coleman, his new partner in crime, have given it new life... Bruen's prose is some of the leanest, meanest writing crime fans will find, and Coleman's more discursive style amplifies and explicates the story, in the same way that John Coltrane's lyrical saxophone built on the clipped trumpet ideas of Miles Davis. The result is more than the sum of its parts, and it brings to mind Dennis Lehane's brilliant Mystic River. Readers who like their streets mean, and their criminals and cops meaner, will love Tower."

"Plot plays second fiddle to the specifics of sharply etched characters relayed in a prose style that frequently lands a punch to the gut. VERDICT: These two writers have amassed a mantle full of prizes and bevies of fans; much of the fun they must have had playing off each other comes across in this successful collaboration."
   —Library Journal

"Brutally poetic... Bruen and Coleman shine... displaying all the literary chops that have made their novels such cult favorites among mystery fans."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Busted Flush Press has just released its first original novel... billed as a crime tale, and what a tale it is.... Tower is a brutal, and sometimes tender, noir novel that careens through Brooklyn,Manhattan, Boston and Philadelphia, leaving you breathless and stunned."
   —Shelf Awareness

"Tower would make an outstanding gift to anybody in the Witness Protection Program who is feeling nostalgic for the streets. Bruen and Coleman work great together—try to guess where one ends and the other begins. A rough and profane read, with haunting echoes of a Southie of the mind."
   —Daniel Woodrell, Edgar Award-nominated author of Winter's Bone

"Tower is spare, powerful, surprisingly tender. And as seamless a piece of two-author writing as you'll ever find."
   —SJ Rozan, Edgar-winning author of The Shanghai Moon

"Taking up the storied themes of crime fiction—loyalty and betrayal, temptation and treachery—Tower lifts and elevates them, forging a tale both barbaric and baleful, swaggering and broken-hearted. Brutal, soaring street poetry to take your breath away."
   —Megan Abbott, Edgar Award-winning author of Queenpin and Bury Me Deep

"Haunted by a genuinely unnerving sense of dread, this breathtaking, blood-dimmed tale unfolds with delirious, whiskey-soaked ferocity. Volatile and intoxicating, Tower blazes with a hardboiled intensity that is impossible to resist."
   —Declan Hughes, Edgar Award-nominated author of All the Dead Voices


Walking the Perfect Square REED FARREL COLEMAN

  NPR's Maureen Corrigan profiled Reed Farrel Coleman on Fresh Air, May 15th. Read the transcript or hear the story here.


Reed Farrel Coleman
June 2008
new foreword by Megan Abbott
new afterword by Reed Farrel Coleman
Price: $13, trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-5-6

Back in print, the first book in Reed's two-time Edgar Award-nominated Moe Prager series.

Recently retired due to a freak accident, NYPD officer Moe Prager is lost. In pain and without the job he loves, Moe relunctantly settles on the notion of going into the wine business with his brother. When a suburban college student vanishes off the streets of Manhattan, Prager's universe is turned upside down and his life changed forever. Hired by the student's desperate family, Moe plunges deep into the world of New York's punk underground, sex clubs, and biker bars. Politicians, journalists, and crooked cops seem hell-bent on stopping him in his tracks. Set on the gritty city streets of the late seventies and the present day, Walking the Perfect Square is a unique mystery that delivers a compelling look at one person's efforts to find a man who was never really there and to protect his family from an unbearable truth.

"Among the undying conventions of detective fiction is the one that requires every retired cop to have a case that still haunts him. Reed Farrel Coleman blows the dust off that cliche in Walking the Perfect Square with a mystery that would get under anyone's skin."
   —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

"Reed Farrel Coleman is one of the more original voices to emerge from the crime fiction field in the last ten years. For the uninitiated, Walking the Perfect Square is the place to start."
   —George Pelecanos

Read an excerpt from Walking the Perfect Square here.



Reed Farrel Coleman
December 2007
New foreword by Peter Spiegelman.
New afterword by Reed Farrel Coleman.
Price $13, trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-0-1

First time in paperback!

The Brooklyn P.I. travels to the Catskills to investigate a decades-old hotel fire. (Reed's 2nd Moe Prager novel)

"Reed Farrel Coleman makes claim to a unique corner of the private detective genre with Redemption Street. With great poignancy and passion he constructs a tale that fittingly underlines how we are all captives of the past."
   —Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling author of The Overlook

"Moe Prager is a family man who can find the humanity in almost everyone he meets; he is a far from perfect hero, but an utterly appealing one. Let's hope that his soft heart and lively mind continue to lure him out of his wine shop for many, many more cases."
   —Laura Lippman, New York Times best-selling author of Another Thing to Fall

"What a pleasure to have the second Moe Prager novel finally in paperback. In a field crowded with blowhards and phony tough guys, Reed Farrel Coleman's hero stands out for his plainspoken honesty, his straight-no-chaser humor and his essential humanity. Without a doubt, he has a right to occupy the barstool Matt Scudder left behind years ago. In fact, in his quiet unassuming way, Moe is one of the most engaging private eyes around."
   —Peter Blauner, Edgar Award-winning author of Slipping into Darkness and Slow Motion Riot

"Coleman is a born writer. His books are among the best the detective genre has to offer at the moment; no, wait. Now that I think about it they're in the top rank of any kind of fiction currently published. Pick up this book, damn it."
   —Scott Phillips, award-winning author of The Ice Harvest and Cottonwood

"Moe Prager is the thinking person's P.I. And what he thinks about—love, loyalty, faith, betrayal—are complex and vital issues, and beautifully handled."
   —S. J. Rozan, Edgar Award-winning author of In This Rain

"Reed Farrel Coleman goes right to the darkest corners of the human heart—to the obsessions, the tragedies, the buried secrets from the past. Through it all he maintains such a pure humanity in Moe Prager—the character is as alive to me as an old friend. I flat out loved the first Prager book, but somehow he's made this one even better."
   —Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-winning author of Night Work

"One of the most daring writers around. . . . He freely admits his love of poetry and it resonates in his novels like the best song you'll ever hear. Plus, he has a thread of compassion that breaks your heart to smithereens . . . He writes the books we all aspire to."
   —Ken Bruen, Shamus Award-winning author of Cross and Ammunition

"Coleman may be one of the mystery genre's best-kept secrets."

"Coleman writes in a way that seems absolutely right. Interesting, honest and worth reading."
   —The Mystery Review

"The author makes us care about his characters and what happens to them, conveying a real sense of human absurdity and tragedy . . . a first-rate mystery. Moe is a fine sleuth. Coleman is an excellent writer."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Among the undying conventions of detective fiction is the one that requires every retired cop to have a case that still haunts him. Reed Farrel Coleman blows the dust off that cliche."
   —New York Times Book Review



The James Deans Reed Farrel Coleman
Now Available!
New foreword by Michael Connelly.
New afterword by Reed Farrel Coleman.
Plus, two Moe Prager short stories! $14, trade paperback 978-0-9792709-8-7

Back in print, the Shamus / Barry / Anthony Award-winning third Moe Prager novel. With a new foreword by New York Times best-seller Michael Connelly and two Moe Prager short stories! Plus, a special excerpt from 2009's original novel, Tower, by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman.

"Some writers can make you feel that they have inhabited their characters to a degree associated with demonic possession, but Reed Farrel Coleman's gift is to graft that sensation onto the reader, so that he or she feels they're wearing the character like skin...[A] terrific writer, one of the finest of his generation. If you haven't read The James Deans yet, do yourself a favour and do so. It's how books are supposed to be."
   —Declan Burke, author of The Big O

"The biggest mysteries in our genre are why Reed Coleman isn't already huge, and why Moe Prager isn't already an icon. Both are to me. Read this book and you'll find you agree."
   —Lee Child, best-selling author of Gone Tomorrow

"One of crime fiction's finest voices, Edgar® Award-finalist Reed Coleman combines the hard-fisted detective story with a modern novel's pounding heart and produces pure gold. Moe Prager belongs with Travis McGee and Lew Archer in the private eye pantheon. Coleman's series is a buried treasure—dig in and hit the jackpot!"
   —Julia Spencer-Fleming, award-winning author of I Shall Not Want




David Handler
Volume I; October 2006
by Edgar Award winner David Handler.
New introduction by the author.
Price $26, hardback
ISBN: 0-9767157-8-3
Price $18, trade paperback.
ISBN: 0-9767157-9-1

The first two mysteries starring celebrity ghostwriter Stewart Hoag & his neurotic basset hound, Lulu—in one volume! The hardback is the first hb appearance of these books! Featuring original cover art by award-winning crime novelist Colin Cotterill (The Coroner's Lunch)

The Man Who Died Laughing

With his cat food-eating dog, Lulu, and haunted by his ex-movie star wife, ghostwriter Hoagy finds himself ghosting the memoirs of the rich, the famous and the not-so-nice. Sometimes, the project dies on the vines. Sometimes, the client does.

The Man Who Lived by Night

Hoagy, a ghostwriter/reluctant amateur detective, and his catfood-eating hound, Lulu, return as Hoagy pens the memoirs of an infamous rock and roll star. He expected the assignment to be hot—but not quite as dangerous or deadly as it actually was.



David Handler
Available December 2007
by Edgar Award winner David Handler.
New introduction by award-winning mystery writer Dean James.
Price $26, hardback.
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-2-5
Price $18, trade paperback.
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-1-8

The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald

1991 Edgar Award winner for Best Paperback Original!

Wildly bestselling first-time novelist Cam Noyes writes with a lyrical voice like F. Scott Fitzgerald and looks like he leapt right out of a Ralph Lauren ad. The media's latest darling, he's having a ball running with the brat pack, posing for magazines, rolling in and out of beds, brawling in bars, swigging tequila, and snorting cocaine. But with such a busy schedule, Cam simply can't find the time to write his long-overdue second book. Enter Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag-ghostwriter of celebrity memoirs and reluctant amateur detective-to tackle Cam's tell-all expose of the dirty business behind megabuck book deals. But "cutthroat" takes on a whole new meaning as the bodies start piling up faster than the pages of the manuscript. If Hoagy doesn't act fast, there'll be no one left in publishing to tell the tale.

The Woman Who Fell from Grace

Ghostwriter Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag has been chosen to write the sequel to the Southern epic Oh, Shenandoah. And as much as Hoagy wants the book to succeed, someone else is willing to kill to keep it from being published.

"One of my all-time favorite series!"
   —Harlan Coben

"A wonderful series—fresh and fun and as good as mystery writing gets. Hoagy and Lulu are the best comic pairing since Fred and Ethel (and a darn sight better looking). If you're a fan of the genre, and even if you aren't, these are 'must reads' for any lazy afternoon."
   —Mark Schweizer, author of The Alto Wore Tweed

"Some books deserve to go quietly into that good night, but the works of David Handler are not among them. Busted Flush Press has brought back to print a master of the mystery genre. Stewart Hoagy, amateur private eye, has smarts and intelligence. Handler brings his characters to life instantly—the voices are original and real. Best of all, though, Handler treats his audience with respect. He doesn't write down. And Lulu will steal your heart."
   —Carolyn Haines, author of Ham Bones and Revenant

"Hoagy and Lulu tickle your funnybone and touch your heart. Hooray for the return of this appealing and clever series."
   —Carolyn Hart, New York Times best-selling author of the "Death on Demand" mysteries




Vicki Hendricks
MAY 2007
Foreword by Ken Bruen; afterword by Megan Abbott
Price $16, trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-3-2

Hot and scrappy Sherri Parlay gives up her life of depravity, and with best intentions, finds a respectable job as a dry cleaner in hopes for a decent future. But nature and nurture plot against her when she meets the beautiful, tortured, and rich young Payne, who tempts her with the love and life she never thought possible. Even Brenda, Payne's domineering mother, can't keep the lovers apart when Sherri's animal passions take control. Unfortunately, Payne is not only a different kind of man from those in Sherri's past, he's worse than any on her list of sordid affairs. Twisted psychology and a pure heart lead her into the dark realm of disillusionment and crime, where she reaches into her deepest reserves for the strength to survive.

This contemporary noir novel is reminiscent of James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice with a heavy dose of sexual realism that Cain might have enjoyed if his times would have allowed.

"Sex and murder, sunny places and shady people—Miami Purity is a modern noir masterpiece."
   —Michael Connelly

"One of my top ten all time reads. Hotter than Miami in August."
   —Charlie Stella

"Shocking and supercharged, both reverent and original, this is the novel that amped up a new generation of noir writers."
   —George Pelecanos

"The authentic heir to James M. Cain, Vicki Hendricks is the high priestess of neo-noir. A fierce and fearless talent."
   —Dennis Lehane

"Miami Purity is as sleek as a well-oiled weasel and tight as the Gordian knot. One of the best of its kind from a very fine writer."
   —Joe R. Lansdale

"Miami Purity might make you think of James M. Cain's ultra-noir The Postman Always Rings Twice—but Vicki Hendricks is a lot sexier."
   —Barbara Parker

"Vicki Hendricks is a true original. She is undoubtedly one of the most important noir writers of the past twenty years, and Miami Purity is one of the best crime novels I've ever read, period."
   —Jason Starr

"Miami Purity is the toughest, sexiest, most original debut noir novel ever written, and instantly rockets Hendricks into the list of all-time great noir authors. Gripping, super-sexy, and unforgettably raw."
   —Lauren Henderson

"Sherri Parlay is modelled on Frank Chambers from James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice, and offers a modern, highly-sexed take on the classic hardboiled noir. A high-wire balancing act between an amoral femme fatale and a poor gal just trying to make her way in a rich man's world, Sherri is a compelling character, boasting more cojones that most male characters in crime fiction combined.... Republished by Busted Flush Press, with a foreword by Ken Bruen, Miami Purity is a must-read for all fans of neo-noir."
   —Declan Burke (author of The Big O)

"Miami Purity is one of our all-time favorites. It is that type of dark, doomed noir that was all too rare when the book came out in 1995. Now more common, Vicki Hendricks' debut stood out for it's raw and lurid power—a power is retains—and we've bemoaned for years that it wasn't available for sale. If you appreciate unrelenting crime writing, you gotta read Miami Purity."
   —The Staff of the Seattle Mystery Bookshop




Cynthia Smith
February 2008
Price: $13, trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9792709-4-9

Originally published in 1996, now back in print!

With her impeccable manners, a wardrobe to die for, and the perfect combination of beauty and brains, no one can confuse Emma Rhodes with a run-of-the-mill private investigator. She prefers to think of herself as a "Private Resolver," a person the rich and famous can turn to when a problem needs to be resolved quickly and quietly. All it takes is $20,000 and two weeks' time for Emma to prove her worth. So far her record is perfect. But when Emma thwarts the kidnapping of one of Belgium's royal family, she becomes the unlikely target of Middle Eastern zealots. And suddenly two weeks seems too long trying to survive assassination attempts. "Cool, sardonic, and unflappable Emma Rhodes sparkles diamond bright in Cynthia Smith's clever, twisty tales. This highly original series has panache. A winning hand from Busted Flush Press."
   —Carolyn Hart

"Fast . . . clever . . . charming."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Brash, beautiful and smart as hell, Cynthia Smith's heroine will hook you from page one."
   —Leann Sweeney, author of Pushing Up Bluebonnets

"Emma Rhodes, 'private resolver,' professional skeptic, and social globetrotter is in a class by herself. Armed with an acerbic wit, supreme confidence, and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Emma's trek through Europe and her encounters with Eurotrash, EuroRoyals, and the Mossad (plus one sexy and sophisticated gendarme) make for a great escapist mystery—fast, fun, and a perfect snapshot of the late 20th century."
   —Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award-winning author of Dead Ex



Cynthia Smith
$13, trade paperback

"You want a heroine who never takes guff from anyone? Who does things her own way and be damned to anyone who doesn't like it? Then sit down with this book, and enjoy the immensely entertaining, never boring Emma Rhodes."
   —Dean James, award-winning author of the Wanda Nell Culpepper mysteries (writing as Jimmie Ruth Evans)

For fans of Nancy Martin, Kerry Greenwood, Marne Davis Kellogg, and Jane Stanton Hitchcock!

  Misleading Ladies


Cynthia Smith
March 2010
$13, trade paperback


Just Another Day in Paradise A. E. MAXWELL


A. E. Maxwell's Fiddler & Fiora series, finally back in print!

$13, trade paperback


The Frog and the Scorpion THE FROG AND THE SCORPION

A.E Maxwell
$14, trade paperback

"Maxwell is good, really good, able to create believable, engaging, and original characters and set them plausibly into a story of nonstop suspense"
   —Chicago Sun-Times


Gatsby's Vineyard GATSBY'S VINEYARD

A.E Maxwell
November 2009
$14, trade paperback

"Maxwell manages a slam-bang climax . . . and the California wine business background is unusual and entertaining."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Evokes with grace, elegance and love the colors, smells and sounds of Napa Valley wine-making."
   —Vanity Fair



A.E Maxwell
February 2010
$14, trade paperback

Named by TIME magazine as one of the best suspense novels of the year!

"Plan on reading this one all the way through. You won't be able to stop."
   —United Press International


Crossroad Blues ACE ATKINS


Ace Atkins
October 2009
$15, trade paperback

Includes a brand-new, never-before-published Nick Travers short story!

Back in print, best-selling author Ace Atkins's first Nick Travers crime novel.

"JoJo's Blues Bar—a place so deftly described that it should be real even if it isn't. This tale's a pleasure for both mystery and RL fans."
   —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"An impressive debut by a promising new talent."
   —The Philadelphia Inquirer

"One of the year's most promising new series . . . Throw in some snappy dialogue, a steamy romance with a red-haired blues singer, and the superbly evoked Delta landscape, and you have a meaty, straight-ahead mystery, entertaining from first to last."

"Ace Atkins has woven the Johnson legend into a zesty tale that should appeal to mystery buffs, musicians and readers who like to discover new and promising talent."
   —The Tampa Tribune

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