With her impeccable manners, a wardrobe to die for, and the perfect combination of beauty and brains, no one can confuse Emma Rhodes with a run-of-the-mill private investigator. She prefers to think of herself as a "Private Resolver," a person the rich and famous can turn to when a problem needs to be resolved quickly and quietly. All it takes is $20,000 and two weeks' time for Emma to prove her worth. So far her record is perfect. But when Emma thwarts the kidnapping of one of Belgium's royal family, she becomes the unlikely target of Middle Eastern zealots. And suddenly two weeks seems too long trying to survive assassination attempts. "Cool, sardonic, and unflappable Emma Rhodes sparkles diamond bright in Cynthia Smith's clever, twisty tales. This highly original series has panache. A winning hand from Busted Flush Press." 
   —Carolyn Hart 

"Fast . . . clever . . . charming." 
   —Publishers Weekly 

"Brash, beautiful and smart as hell, Cynthia Smith's heroine will hook you from page one." 
   —Leann Sweeney, author of Pushing Up Bluebonnets 

"Emma Rhodes, 'private resolver,' professional skeptic, and social globetrotter is in a class by herself. Armed with an acerbic wit, supreme confidence, and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Emma's trek through Europe and her encounters with Eurotrash, EuroRoyals, and the Mossad (plus one sexy and sophisticated gendarme) make for a great escapist mystery—fast, fun, and a perfect snapshot of the late 20th century." 
   —Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award-winning author of Dead Ex 

Back in print, the first book in Reed's two-time Edgar Award-nominated Moe Prager series. 

Recently retired due to a freak accident, NYPD officer Moe Prager is lost. In pain and without the job he loves, Moe relunctantly settles on the notion of going into the wine business with his brother. When a suburban college student vanishes off the streets of Manhattan, Prager's universe is turned upside down and his life changed forever. Hired by the student's desperate family, Moe plunges deep into the world of New York's punk underground, sex clubs, and biker bars. Politicians, journalists, and crooked cops seem hell-bent on stopping him in his tracks. Set on the gritty city streets of the late seventies and the present day, Walking the Perfect Square is a unique mystery that delivers a compelling look at one person's efforts to find a man who was never really there and to protect his family from an unbearable truth. 

"Among the undying conventions of detective fiction is the one that requires every retired cop to have a case that still haunts him. Reed Farrel Coleman blows the dust off that cliche in Walking the Perfect Square with a mystery that would get under anyone's skin." 
   —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review 

"Reed Farrel Coleman is one of the more original voices to emerge from the crime fiction field in the last ten years. For the uninitiated, Walking the Perfect Square is the place to start." 
   —George Pelecanos